Recently, the European Commission acknowledged the usage of the Knowledge Engine on several occasions.

The Dutch pilot of the InterConnect project.

They announced the European Energy App that will bring together data from different sources to give the user “consumption reduction recommendations, eco-tips, and incentives for load shifting.” The Semantic Interoperability Framework (SIF) of the H2020 InterConnect project, in which the Knowledge Engine plays a vital role, is chosen as the backbone for this initiative. Pilots are planned in up to 10 Member States.

A screenshot of the Ploutos app.

Additionally, the European Commission labels the Knowledge Engine as a key innovation to combat climate change. It is assessed to address the needs of existing markets and customers and recommends us to work towards market entry. The Knowledge Engine received this label for its role as interoperability enabler within the H2020 Ploutos project. In this project the Knowledge Engine enables consumers and certificate auditors to easily access information about the origin and sustainability of food products, providing valuable insights into the entire supply chain. Our previous article describes the Ploutos app in more detail.