The Ploutos H2020 project has developed an innovative app that enhances traceability and sustainability in the agrifood industry. The app enables consumers and certificate auditors to easily access information about the origin and sustainability of food products, providing valuable insights into the entire supply chain. By utilizing certification and sensor data, the app can show whether farms are certified as organic or adhere to other sustainable practices.

Ploutos app: QR code and lot ID input page

The main page of the app, where the user can scan a QR code or enter the lot ID of a product.

This app is powered by the Knowledge Engine, a data sharing platform that facilitates the consistent exchange of essential information among all parties involved in the value chain. Through a common semantic model, organizations can effectively enhance transparency, traceability, and sustainability in the agrifood sector.

Ploutos app: Crop information on a parcel

Harvesting event detail page that shows information about the crop type that was harvested on a parcel.