Since the Knowledge Engine went open source on GitHub, we are working hard to build a community of users and developers around it. In this article we highlight some of the community contributions.

Before the summer we received our first open source code contribution in the form of a pull request on our GitHub repository. The contribution improved the robustness and security of the Knowledge Engine by automatically checking for newer versions of dependent software libraries. The contribution was made by our InterConnect partner Inetum Realdolmen and hopefully more will come!

Apart from code contributions, we also want to highlight some of the tooling with respect to graph patterns that have been developed by our community. Graph patterns play a vital role in the application of the Knowledge Engine, but they can be hard to create and grasp. We believe tooling can help to remedy some of these difficulties.

The Graph Pattern Editor developed by Universität Kassel.

Our InterConnect partner Universität Kassel developed a very functionally complete Graph Pattern Editor with a dark mode, code completion, syntax highlighting and functionality to replace prefixes by their full URIs. With permission, we have published the Graph Pattern Editor on our website, so that we can also benefit from it in our other Knowledge Engine projects!

The Graph Pattern Visualizer developed by INESCTEC.

The Graph Pattern Visualizer developed by our InterConnect partner INESCTEC helps with understanding what knowledge a graph pattern represents. It does this by visualizing it as a graph with nodes connected by edges. Its features include visualizing with or without rdf:type relations and dragging and zooming of the graph. The Graph Pattern Visualizer is available on our website with permission from the authors.

Together with our partners we keep applying, developing and improving the Knowledge Engine to make semantic interoperability a common practice when developing digital innovations!