Last week the HEDGE-IoT project had its kick-off. Within HEDGE-IoT 44 participants from across Europe join forces and work on the digitalization of the energy grid. Within this project, we will continue the work that has been going on in the InterConnect project on data interoperability and semantics for smart buildings. Specifically, we'll focus on seamlessly exchanging data between various partners and machines to enable unambiguous, interoperable and event-driven knowledge exchange.

There will also be a Dutch pilot running in Arnhems Buiten, a former KEMA testing location. Arnhems Buiten is being developed into an Energy Innovation Campus, a place where various parties can come together who all work on topics related to energy, certification and environmental technologies. Some companies who are located here include DNV-GL (consultancy firm for clean energy), Specialized (designs and manufactures bicycles, including e-bikes), Watch-E (software to provide insight into the energy usage of homes) and TenneT (Dutch electricity transmission manager).

Several buildings in Arnhems Buiten will be equipped with, e.g. temperature sensors, solar panels, charging stations, batteries and heat pumps. We will collect energy usage data from these devices and use them to reduce energy grid congestion, e.g. through enabling peak shaving.