Last week Cornelis Bouter and Jack Verhoosel of the Data Science department visited the ETSI IoT conference in Sophia Antipolis, France. They presented various applications and extensions of the SAREF reference ontology that have resulted from the European projects Ploutos, Interconnect and MAGPIE. The Ploutos project has made various extensions to the SAREF4AGRI ontology based on a use case for certification of farmers and food companies in the agrifood supply chain. This ontology is now used by TNO's Knowledge Engine for an application to support Ploutos partner Peterson Consulting in its certificate conformity assessment process. In the Interconnect project an extension has been made of the SAREF4ENER ontology that covers various energy flexibility profiles of energy consuming devices in the smart home. Again using TNO's Knowledge Engine, this ontology is used to connect various devices in the home with the home energy management system in order to deal with flexibly energy demand and supply. Finally, the MAGPIE presentation about data sharing in the port immediately attracted opportunities to contribute to a SAREF extension for the maritime domain. All of these SAREF extension will be further standardized in the remainder of 2023 into next releases of the SAREF family.

Ploutos project presented at ETSI IoT conference